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BB500-ANL2+4F Waterproof Dual ANL Fuse Holder Block Box with 4 x M8 Studs – Max. current 1000A


The waterproof dual ANL fuse holder block box with sturdy 6.6mm copper plates and M8 stud posts, supports fuses up to 1000A max current.

The waterproof design with removable plates ensures a secure and waterproof connection, making it ideal for high-current automotive and marine applications.

BB500-ANL2+4F Dual ANL Fuse Holder Block Box – Max. current 1000A Details

  • High-Current Design

Compatible with fuses up to an impressive 1000A maximum current, this ANL fuse holder kit includes 2 x 300A ANL fuses, 1 x 400A fuse and 1 x 500A ANL fuse. It’s designed for the effective handling of high-current applications.

  • Premium Material Selection

The dual ANL fuse holder is made of a 6.6mm thick copper plate and stainless steel bolts and nuts. These materials were selected for their ability to withstand high currents and harsh environments, resulting in increased reliability and longer lifespan of the fuse holders.

  • Maintaining Electrical Integrity

Removable plates make it easier to access wires and terminals, lowering the risk of overcurrents and short circuits. Additionally, the ANL fuse holder box helps ensure the overall integrity of electrical systems by safeguarding connected equipment and wiring. These holders function as protectors against electrical fires and damage to costly components.

  • Easy Installation

The ANL fuse kit has 4 × 5/16-inch (M8) studs included. This feature makes it simple to connect and disconnect large wires and terminal connectors. This user-friendly design is suitable for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Waterproof and Dustproof

For outdoor applications, the box and waterproof rings included in the kit have excellent sealing, making the fuse holder and wiring waterproof and dustproof. These enhancements ensure that the fuse holders will function properly even in harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for marine and off-road use.

  • Wide-Ranging Applications

This dual ANL fuse holder box is highly versatile and finds application in various industries. It is suitable for use in automotive and marine sectors, covering a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles. The fuse holder is also a popular choice in solar power installations, offering critical protection for solar arrays and related equipment.

BB500-ANL2+4F Dual ANL Fuse Holder Block Box Datasheet

Feature Waterproof
Stud Terminal Size 4 × 5/16″ (M8) Stud Posts
ANL Fuse 2 x 300A , 1 x 400A, and 1 x 500A 
Size 4.8 x 3.4 x 1.8inch / 124.3 x 86.4 x 46.5mm

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