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BB150-T2M6S12-C Dual 12V Insulated Busbar


BB150-T2M6S12-C Dual 12V Insulated Busbar is rated for 150A continuous current in 12-48V DC, terminal studs size M6 and screw size M4.

These 12v bus bars are using copper plates and stainless steel terminals as conductors, which makes it can work in an extreme environment.

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BB150-T2M6S12-C Dual 12V Insulated Busbar Details

  • Easy Installation

It is installed on the panel surface with screw mounting holes for installation in any direction.

  • Stable Performance

Nickel-plated brass contact plate has low resistance and good conductivity to ensure the flow and stability of current.

  • Sturdy Construction

All power distribution connection blocks are manufactured with high-quality materials, ensuring mechanical strength and durability.

  • Safety Protection

The base is made of flame retardant plastic to protect the safety of equipment and people

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for cars, RVs, trucks, boats, solar energy, and other electrical equipment, etc.

BB150-T2M6S12-C Datasheet

Product Size (L*W*H) 150mm * 28mm * 31.5mm
Terminal Studs Size 2 * M6 (1/4”)
Terminal Screws Size 12 * M4 (#8)
Stud Material Stainless steel
Base Material Nylon, fiberglass
Max Operating Voltage DC 48V
Color Red/Black

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