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BB150-T1M6S12-RB 48VDC 150A Common BusBar with 1×M6 Stud and 12×M4 Screws


The 48VDC 150A common busbar with cover features a 1×M6 stud and 12×M4 screws and is designed for heavy-duty applications with optimal conductivity and safety.

Installation is effortless with the 12 stainless M4 terminal screws, 1 x 1/4″ (M6) terminal stud & nut, while the nickel-plated brass plate and high-quality ABS base ensure durability and insulation.

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BB150-T1M6S12-RB 48VDC 150A Common BusBar with 1×M6 Stud and 12×M4 Screws Details

  • Rugged Performance

This 48VDC busbar is engineered to withstand heavy-duty demands. It’s rated for a maximum operating voltage of 48V DC and can continuously handle amperages of up to 150A.

  • Innovative Configuration

Equipped with 12 robust stainless steel M4 terminal screws, as well as a 1/4″ (M6) terminal stud and nut, this busbar is designed for effortless installation. It simplifies wire routing, saving you time and effort.

  • Quality Build

Crafted with a thick nickel-plated brass plate, this busbar guarantees both conductivity and durability. Its base is constructed from high-quality ABS material, providing mechanical strength and resistance to heat and flames. The result is a robust, insulated, and long-lasting product designed with safety in mind.

  • Versatile Application

Utilize this busbar for organized and tidy circuit connections, which significantly reduces the risk of short circuits. It finds extensive application in various scenarios, including automotive, caravan, marine, yacht, and solar systems.

BB150-T1M6S12-RB 48VDC 150A Common BusBar Datasheet

Product Size (L*W*H) 135mm * 33.2mm * 14.3mm / 5.31″ * 1.3″ * 0.56″
Terminal Studs Size 1 * M6 (1/4″)
Terminal Screws Size 12 * M4 (#8)
Stud Material Stainless steel
Base Material Nylon, fiberglass
Max Operating Voltage DC 48V
Color Red/Black

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