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BB1-1 Single Post 12V Power Distribution Block


BB1-1 Single Post 12V Power Distribution Block is rated for 80A/150A continuous current in 12-48V DC, terminal studs M6/M8/M10.

Used to connect two or more connectors or wires as battery terminals for battery power and ground connections.

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BB1-1 Single Post 12V Power Distribution Block Details

  • Easy Installation

It is installed on the panel surface with screw mounting holes for installation in any direction.

  • Stable Performance

Nickel-plated brass contact plate has low resistance and good conductivity to ensure the flow and stability of current.

  • Sturdy Construction

All power distribution connection blocks are manufactured with high-quality materials, ensuring mechanical strength and durability.

  • Safety Protection

The base is made of flame retardant plastic to protect the safety of equipment and people.

  • Wide Application


It is suitable for cars, RVs, trucks, boats, solar energy, and other electrical equipment, etc.

BB1-1 Datasheet

Product Size (L*W*H) 1.77″ x 1.69″ x 1.49″/ 1.77 x 1.69 x 1.26″/ 1.85″x1.69″x1.5″
Terminal Studs Size M6(1/4”) / M8(5/16”) / M10(3/8”)
Base Material Nylon, fiberglass
Max Operating Voltage DC 48V
Max Amp Per Circuit Determined by wires connected
Color Red/Black

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