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ASW-A808 Battery Disconnect Switch with Lockout Plate


The battery disconnect switch with lockout plate is a heavy-duty fixed die-cast handle made of silver-plated copper with good water resistance.

The heavy duty switch Operating Voltage: 12V, Rated Current: 500A, Instantaneous Current: 5000A, and can withstand a large cranking load.

ASW-A808 Battery Disconnect Switch with Lockout Plate Details

  • Specification

Working voltage: 12V, rated current: 500A, instantaneous current: 5000A, stud is 10MM and polarity is negative.

  • Safe Disconnect

The rotary switch has a locking plate that safely disconnects the battery and locks the rotary switch to the panel to prevent accidental opening or closing.

  • Lock Design

Our Battery Disconnect Switch has a lock that can be locked on the panel when you finish the work, it can prevent accidental closing or opening.

  • Widely Application

It’s widely used for cars, autos, boats, RVs, yachts, trucks and engineering vehicles.

ASW-A808 Datasheet

Material Silver Plated Copper
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Operating Voltage 12.0 Volts
Part Number Battery disconnect switch
Switch Type Rotary Switch, Kill Switch

ASW-A808 Dimension

ASW-A808 Dimension

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