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ASW-A803 Four-post Master Kill Switch Car

Part # ASW-A803

ASW-A803 Four-post Master Kill Switch Car is rated for 100 A continuous duty and 500 A peak current in DC 12-24V systems. 

This switch is built to FIA specs and has three sets of contacts for cars with alternators.

The main contacts disconnect the battery while the auxiliary contacts disconnect the ignition coil and short the alternator output to ground through a 3 ohm resistor that is furnished with the switch. 


Category :

Battery Switch

ASW-A803 Four-post Master Kill Switch Car Details

  • Simple Operation

ASW-A803 switch disconnects and reconnects power by simply turning the knob.

  • Sturdy Construction

ASW-A803 switch is made of plastic and solid brass nut, which is rust proof, corrosion-resistant, durable and safe to use.

  • Great Compatibility

ASW-A803 switch can isolate and protect the electrical system, and can be locked separately or together with other switches.

  • Safety Protection

ASW-A803 switch safely disconnects the battery when the vehicle or boat is not in use and eliminates any power drain from the battery.

  • Wide Application

ASW-A803 switch is widely used in switches for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and electrical equipment.

ASW-A803 More Detailed Information

-Made to FIA rules
-Cuts engine and all electrics
-Terminal and resistor design prevents alternator damage on switch off
-10mm terminals for battery cable
-Removable key
-Rubber cover protects the switch when the key is removed
-Key predrilled for a pull cable

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