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ASW-A6006 M-Type Mini Single Circuit ON-OFF Battery Switch with Knob


The mini ON-OFF battery switch with a continuous rating of 300A and a maximum voltage of 48V DC, this switch ensures reliable power distribution.

The switch features 2 positions and accepts up to 4/0 AWG battery cables, this switch is a high-performance solution designed to optimize battery control.

Category :

Battery Switch

ASW-A6006 Mini ON-OFF Battery Switch Details

  • Efficient Battery Switching

This mini ON-OFF battery switch with knob enables the seamless switching of a single battery to a single load group, ensuring smooth and reliable power distribution.

  • Ignition-Protected Safety

Designed with an ignition-protected feature, this battery switch is safe for installation aboard gasoline-powered boats, providing enhanced safety measures.

  • Versatile Mounting Options

The case design of this battery switch offers the flexibility of surface, front panel, or rear panel mounting, making it adaptable to various installation needs.

  • Enhanced Contact Protection

Equipped with an isolating cover and snap-on sections, this battery switch provides reliable contact protection, ensuring secure and uninterrupted power transfer.

  • ABYC-compliant and High Conductivity

Meeting the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) requirements, this battery switch features tin-plated copper studs for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing efficient power management and longevity.

ASW-A6006 ON-OFF Battery Switch Datasheet

Switch Type Single Circuit ON-OFF
Switch Positions 2
Maximum Voltage 48V DC
Stud Size 3/8″ (M10)
Continuous Rating 300A
Intermittent Rating 500A
Cranking Rating 30 sec 900A
Stud Material Tinned Copper
Battery Inputs 1
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 4/0 AWG (120mm²)
Mounting Holes Accept #10 Screw
Stud Torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
Terminal Stud Size 3/8″ – 16 (M10)
Weight 0.65lb (0.29 kg)

Wiring Diagram

ASW-A6006 Mini ON-OFF Battery Switch Wiring Diagram

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