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ASW-A1001 Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switch

Part # ASW-A1002

The knife blade battery disconnect switch,12-24V Max.: 750A, Rated: 250A, is suitable for side post terminals and is used only for negative.

The battery switch is mainly used for GM side post batteries or other batteries with only 3/8″ holes in the battery side posts.

Category :

Battery Switch

ASW-A1001 Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switch Details

  • Sturdy & Durable

It is made of durable brass and electroplated copper, which is rust and corrosion resistant and safe to use. Has a bright metallic color for easy daily inspection. Has a long bolt for easy use.

  • Widely Application

It is suitable for battery side post terminals with 3/8” holes. DC 12V-24V system, 250A continuous and 750A momentary at DC 12V. Blade switch is suitable for cars, boats, trucks, vehicles, RVs, ATVs, electrical equipment, etc.

  • Easy Operation

The battery shut-off switch can be mounted on the negative cable. Simply lift the lever up or down to turn the power on and off, with two positions.

  • Protects Battery

Empty batteries and batteries left uncharged for long periods of time can shorten their life, causing you to have to replace them. This battery cut-off blade switch allows you to eliminate any parasitic power drain from unwanted batteries.

ASW-A1001 Datasheet

Type Side post, negative
Rated Current 250A (12V)
Instantaneous Current 750A (12V)
Voltage 12-24V DC
Cable Size 4-6AWG
Diameter 3/8″

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