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AP-50 50 Amp SB50 Anderson Connector Kit with Cover


The 50 Amp SB50 Anderson connector offers exceptional power transmission capabilities. Featuring a solid PC flame-retardant housing and red copper silver-plated terminal pins.

With its easy installation and broad compatibility, the 50 Amp SB50 series Anderson connector provides a secure and efficient power connection for a wide range of applications.

AP-50 50 Amp SB50 Anderson Connector Kit with Cover Details

  • High-Performance Connector

The 50 Amp Anderson Connector is designed for optimum power transmission, with a voltage rating of 600V and a maximum current capacity of 50Amp. It ensures reliable and efficient performance for a wide range of applications.

  • Premium Quality Materials

Constructed with solid PC flame-retardant material, the battery quick connector plug offers excellent durability and safety. The red copper silver-plated terminal pins provide superior conductivity, ensuring stable voltage and current flow.

  • Easy and Secure Installation

Installing the battery quick connector is a breeze. Simply insert the wire into the terminal pin, crimp it securely, and then insert the pin into the connector housing. The locking mechanism and dust cover provide added protection and stability.

  • Versatile Applications

These quick disconnect battery terminals are suitable for various vehicles and equipment, including trucks, ATVs, RVs, winches, elevators, cranes, boats, and trailers. They provide a reliable and efficient power connection for diverse industrial and recreational applications.

  • Reliable Power Connection

With its robust design and high-quality construction, the 50 Amp Anderson Connector ensures a secure and dependable power connection. Whether you’re working on a demanding project or enjoying outdoor adventures, this connector delivers the performance and durability you can trust.

AP-50 SB50 Anderson Connector Datasheet

Part NO AP-50
Housing Color Red
Max. Current 50A
Voltage Range 12–36V
Wire Size Range 6–12 AWG (0.16″–0.18″.)
Terminal Pin Width 0.22″
Voltage Current rated at 600 volts DC or AC
Contacts material copper Silver
Dimension 1.93″x1.37″x0.61″(L*W*H)

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