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AP-120 Battery Quick Disconnect 120 Amp Anderson Plug


The 120 amp Anderson plug with a rated voltage of 600V (max) and a current rating of 120A (max), this plug ensures reliable and efficient power transmission.

Its compact size, easy installation, and compatibility with 6-10 gauge wire make it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

AP-120 Battery Quick Disconnect 120 Amp Anderson Plug Details

  • 120 Amp Battery Quick Disconnect Connector

Our 120 Amp Anderson Plug is a reliable and efficient solution for quickly disconnecting power to a winch or any other electrical device. This plug kit offers a simple and convenient method for seamless power control.

  • High Voltage and Current Rating

Designed to handle demanding applications, our Anderson Plug has a rated voltage of 600V (maximum) and a current rating of 120A (maximum). It ensures reliable and efficient power transmission, providing peace of mind during operation.

  • Compact Size and Wire Compatibility

The connector size of our Anderson Plug is 65x45x20mm (2.561.770.79in), making it compact and easy to handle. It accepts wire sizes ranging from 6 to 10 gauge, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electrical setups. The terminal pins have an inner diameter of 0.35 inches, allowing for secure wire connections.

  • Easy Installation

Installing our Anderson Plug is a breeze. Simply insert the wires into the terminal pins and solder or crimp them for a secure connection. The plug is made of sturdy material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It also comes with fitted rubber boot covers for added protection.

  • Versatile Application

Our Anderson Plug provides a simple and convenient method for connecting and disconnecting power to winches, trailers, and other electrical devices. Its reliable performance and easy installation make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our 120 Amp Anderson Plug. With its high voltage and current rating, compact size, and easy installation, it is the perfect solution for efficient power control. Whether you need to disconnect power for maintenance or safety purposes, our plug offers a hassle-free solution. Explore our product now and enjoy the convenience it brings to your electrical setups.

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