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ANS-H12 Waterproof Inline MIDI Fuse Holder


The waterproof inline MIDI fuse holder is suitable for ANG/ANS/MIDI fuses.

The protective cover is made of VO-type nylon material which is not easy to burn.

ANS-H12 Waterproof Inline MIDI Fuse Holder Details

The fuse holder is small in size, elegant in appearance, high quality, and fire retardant.

The midi fuse holder uses VO nylon material, which is not easy to burn at high temperatures and safer.

This inline MIDI fuse with a protective cover is safer and more durable.

It prevents excessive current, protects electrical appliances, and has a more stable performance.

It is widely used in cars, vans, ships, trucks, and DIY use.

ANS-H12 Datasheet

Type Fuse Holder
Base Material VO Nylon
Rated Voltage DC 12V, 24V
Size 70.5mm*40mm*21.8mm (2.77in*1.57in*0.85in)
Color Black
Fit For ANG/ANS/MIDI fuse

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