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ANL-20 0/4 Gauge Fuse Holder for ANL Fuse


The 0/4 gauge fuse holder is available for systems up to 32 volts DC, rating current is 35 to 750A and is ideal for auto audio installation.

The fuse holders are mainly used for the connection of audio power lines to prevent excessive current and protect electrical appliances.

ANL-20 0/4 Gauge Fuse Holder for ANL Fuse

  • High-quality Material

The fuse holder is made of high-quality transparent PC material, the fuse holder has good dust resistance and durability, which can protect the fuse well.

  • Safety Protection

The contact points of the fuse holder are gold plated, which improves the electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of the fuse holder, and the material is also flame-retardant.

  • Internal Transparency

The transparent cover and base design of the fuse holder makes it easy to identify the fuse to be replaced when it blows without having to remove the cover.

  • High Compatibility

It is designed with M8 stud terminals for input and output 0/4 gauge lugs and is compatible with current ratings from 35-750A. This fuse holder provides excellent protection against overloads and short circuits.

  • Widely Used

This fuse holder protects vehicles and equipment from damage caused by overloads and is suitable for cars, cars, trucks, audio, video systems, and more.

ANL-20 Datasheet

Wire Gauge 0/4 AWG
Feature Transparent Cover & Base
Contact Material Gold Plated Copper Alloy
Fuse Rated Amp 35-750 Amp
Size 155 x 37 x 38mm (LxWxH)

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