ZJ22; ZJ44; ZJ40

ZJ22; ZJ44; ZJ40

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ZJ22; ZJ44; ZJ40 Aluminum Potentiometer Knob:

ZJ22;ZJ44; ZK40 is high quality precision mechanism.
It’s ABS  material also have Chrome with Silver base, it’s finish with white markings on a black background or black chrome with white markings. The number in window can be 1 or 3 number.
There are three kinds of shaft for knob.
4.0mm,6.0mm and 6.4mm shaft.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Color:Black, with sliverHeight:23~37mm
Diameter:22~44mmBody Diameter:24~47mm
Operating Temperature:-25℃~+85℃OEM or ODM:Available


TypeNumber in windowDHShaft Dia
ZJ22-23-41 0r 322234.0mm
ZJ22-23-61 0r 322236.0mm
ZJ22-23-6.41 0r 322336.4mm
ZJ22-27-41 0r 322274.0mm
ZJ22-27-61 0r 322276.0mm
ZJ22-27-6.41 0r 322276.4mm
ZJ44-26-61 0r 344266.0mm