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AFS-01 Inline Mini ANL Fuse Holder


The mini ANL fuse holder is available for systems up to 32 volts DC, rating current is 20 to 200A, and suitable for 4/8 gauge wire input and output.

This is a fuse holder specially designed for fuses, which is waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistant, providing good protection for your fuses.

AFS-01 Inline Mini ANL Fuse Holder Details

  • Reliable Material

Made of high quality transparent PC material, the fuse holder has good dust resistance and durability, which can protect the fuse well. 

  • Safety Protection

4-gauge wire fuse holder will not get water after being immersed in water for a short time, providing waterproof protection for fuses. It can be used in high temperature below 130 degrees.

  • High Compatibility

Suitable for input and output 4-gauge wire or 8-gauge wire, compatible with rated current of 20-200A. This fuse holder can well protect the circuit from overload and short circuit.

  • Widely Application

Mini ANL (AFS) fuse holders are ideal for inverters, car audio amplifiers and other 20-200A current applications to protect your electronic devices.

AFS-01 Datasheet

Fuse Type mini ANL fuse
Material Transparent PC and Solid Brass
Rating Voltage 32V DC
Rating Current 20 A to 200 A
Wire Size 4/8 Gauge Wire

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