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ABF-405 Bolt-Down AMI MIDI Fuse – 30 to 200A


The bolt-down AMI MIDI fuse is available for systems up to 32 volts DC, rating current is 30 to 200A and is made with Tin-plated copper terminals.

Fast-acting type fuses use color-coded ampere labels to aid in identification, and clear covers make it easier to see when fuses are blown.

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ABF-405 Bolt Down AMI MIDI Fuse – 30 to 200A Details

  • Material

High-quality plastic insulator, resistant to high temperatures and fusing, prevents sparking when fuses react. Terminals are made of tinned zinc with high conductivity, so that current can be combined quickly and accurately.

  • Durable Use

High contact safety due to reinforcement material on the holes, less deformation, less wear and tear, and long service life.

  • Easy Identification

Each current specification is distinguished by a different color, and each fuse is marked with a current specification number on the top for easy identification.

  • Widely Application

High-current screw-type fuses are suitable for cars, trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, buses and caravans.

ABF-405 Datasheet

Style Bolt-on Type
Maximum Voltage 32V DC
Rating Current 30 A to 200 A
Interrupt Capacity 5000A @ 16V DC; 2000A @ 32V DC
Minimum Operating Temperature -40° C
Maximum Operating Temperature 125° C
Blade Material Tin-Plated Copper CDA 110/UNS11000
Maximum Torque 40 in-lb (4.52 Nm)

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