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A-1316 Magpie Anodized Aluminum Knob – 12.5mm O.D.


These anodized aluminum knobs are available in a variety of colours with an outer diameter of 12.5mm for a 1/4″(6.4mm) shaft hole.

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A-1316 Aluminum Alloy Potentiometer Control Knurled Knob Features

  • Eye-Catching Design

This anodized aluminum knob is crafted from anodized aluminum, which adds a touch of brilliance to any project and ensures that it stands out with its vibrant appearance. The distinctive “pop” characteristic of anodized aluminum further elevates the aesthetic appeal of your creations, making them truly eye-catching.

  • Enhanced Visibility

This guitar effect pedal knob features a white line laser-engraved on the top of the button, providing improved visibility and precision during operation, which allows for easy adjustment and control, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

  • Optimal Size

This potentiometer knob has a height of 15.7mm and an outer diameter of 12.9mm. It is specifically designed to fit potentiometers or rotary switches with a 6.35mm (1/4 inch) shaft diameter. The knob’s precise measurements ensure a secure and snug fit, resulting in seamless functionality.

  • Versatile Application:

This metal knob is widely used in various audio equipment, such as guitar effect pedals, electric guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and sound systems. It allows for precise control over tone, level, speed, voice, and more, making it an essential component for musicians and audio enthusiasts alike.

A: Guitar Effect Pedal Knob Amplifier Control Knobs for Guitar Parts Accessories

B: Great for guitar amp knobs replacement.Can be used for synthesizers, electric guitar,ect

C: Aluminum alloy control knob to be assembled to a potentiometer for easier rotation.

D: Fits 18TH  shaft pots

F: Dimension: 12.7X15.8mm