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DCK4 9 Volt Battery Connector

DCK4 9v battery connector is a 9 volt battery snap with red and black wires. 9V Battery Snap Connector clip Lead Wires holder T case approximately 150mm (6″) long. Insulated overall with twin wire lead approximately 150mm (6″) long.

● These connectors are for a 9v battery. The standard color is black.

● The standard wires length is 150mm, but we can also customize longer or shorter wires for you.

Most of customer use them in the toy for children and household appliance and so on.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Housing Material: ABS Metal Material: copper
Color: Black Battery Size: 9V
Termination: Wire leads With Switch: No
Wire: Standard UL1007 150mm With Cover: No
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃ OEM or ODM: Available
9 volt battery connector