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56-00027 Side Post Battery Quick Disconnect


The side post battery quick disconnect is knob type, rated current is 125A, apply to 12-24V DC system, and used for battery negative post 3/8″ hole.

The side post battery disconnect switch is designed for use with GM-type battery connection side. For safety reasons, use the negative terminal.

Category :

Battery Switch

56-00027 Side Post Battery Quick Disconnect Details

  • Robust & Durable

The battery cut-off switch is made of zinc alloy with brass plated surface for corrosion resistance. For battery negative post 3/8″ hole, DC 12V system, rated current: 125A.

  • Battery Protection

This on/off switch is used for the side battery terminals. It is designed to prevent the battery from being depleted when stored or not in use. Contributes to saving battery life

  • Simple Operation

A knob-type battery switch that turns to the left (counterclockwise) to disconnect the battery and to the right (clockwise) to reconnect it. Disconnecting the battery is quick and easy

  • Widely Applications

It is used for general-purpose automotive side post batteries or other batteries with 3/8″ side post terminals, and also for electrical equipment

56-00027 Datasheet

12-24V DC
Continuous (Amp)
Crank (Amp)
Zinc Alloy, Brass
Cable size
4-6 AWG
Negative Post Hole
10mm / 0.39″

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