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56-00024 Motorcycle Battery Disconnect Switch


The motorcycle battery disconnect switch is knob type, rated current is 80A, apply to 6V/12V motorcycle battery for 0.25″/ 6mm hole only.

L-shaped automatic power switch with quick-release screw disconnects and reconnects the battery with a simple turn of the top knob.


Category :

Battery Switch

56-00024 Motorcycle Battery Disconnect Switch Details

  • It is suitable for 6V/12V motorbike batteries, on the negative side, for 0.25″/6mm holes only, rated at 80A.
  • It protects the battery from accidental depletion, facilitates temporary disconnection during vehicle maintenance and extends the life of the battery.
  • This battery switch is made of brass for corrosion resistance and good conductivity. Rated current 80A.
  • The purpose of switching the power off and on is achieved by a screwing up or screwing down action. To ensure that it disconnects the battery well, turn the knob one turn.
  • This battery switch is knob type, easy to install and use, and measures 2.48*0.78*0.98 inches/63*20*25mm.

56-00026 Switch Datasheet

Voltage system
DC 6V-12V
Rated current
Connector Type
Mounting Type
Panel Mount
Battery head
2.48*0.78*0.98 inch / 63*20*25mm
Broad Compalitity

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