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Banana Jack

CX-2073 4mm plugs:

Banana plugs, jacks and binding posts have become the connection of choice at almost all levels of audio. The relative ease of termination and the time tested reliability of the connector provide one of the best solutions for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

These banana plugs accept a wide range of wire diameters to suite the needs of your system. A small screwdriver is the only extra tool you need for terminating the wires; no crimping and no soldering. Color coded vinyl insulators made of highly conductive brass, slide easily over the connector and are long enough to provide added protection from accidental short circuits when pulled up to the mating jack surface. Includes connectors and insulators to create equal pairs of plugs.

Daier’s banana sockets accept all industry-standard banana plugs and are available in international colors

Pls check the datasheet below:

Diameter: 4mm Color: red/green/yellow/blue/black
Current rating: 24A Voltage rating: 30V
Material: Brass Connector Mounting: Cable Mount
Contact Termination type: Screw Contact Plating: Nickel Plated