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ASW-A1204S 12-32VDC 350A OFF-1-Both-2 4 Position Manual Selector Battery Switch


The manual selector battery switch, continuous rating 350A, cranking rating 1200A, used for 12-32V DC, 4 Position OFF-1-Both-2.

Switches isolated battery banks to all loads or combines battery banks to all loads, case design allows surface or rear panel mounting.

Category :

Battery Switch

ASW-A1204S 4 Position Manual Selector Battery Switch Details

  • Rugged & Durable

The marine battery switch is made of high-quality ABS and copper material, high strength, wear resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, high strength, long service life, and a working current of 350A continuous / (600A INT ).

  • Excellent Performance

Isolates potentially destructive energy in the battery pack when the vessel is not in use or in case of emergency, with a contact design that switches the battery pack on and off without interrupting the power supply.

  • Easy Installation

The 350A battery switch can be installed in the circuit of a gasoline-powered boat. The housing design allows surface, front panel or rear panel mounting without power failure, saving time and effort, practical and convenient.

  • Electrical Conductivity

The single circuit ON OFF has an insulated cover with a buckle section that protects the copper-plated silver studs at the back, good conductivity, IP66 waterproof protection, and an international ON/OFF label.

  • Widely Application

The selector battery switch is suitable for yachts, RVs, marine, boats, and modified cars. The connection is secure and the maximum operating voltage is 48 VDC. It is ideal for replacing old or damaged parts.

ASW-A1204S Datasheet

Switch Type  Selector 4 Position
Color Red
Maximum Voltage 32V DC
Stud Size 3/8″ – 16 (M10)
Continuous Rating  350A
Intermittent Rating  600A (5 min)
Cranking Rating 30 sec  1200A
Stud Material Tinned Copper
Mounting Holes Accept 1/4″ (M6) Screw
Protection Grade IP66

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