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ASW-A701S-B 300A 4 Position Battery Selector Switch


The 4 position dual battery selector switch is rated for 175A continuous current and 300A intermittent current at 6/12/24/32V DC, 1-2-Both-OFF.

The battery selector switch will allow the use of one battery for engine starting and one battery for auxiliary electrical equipment.

Category :

Battery Switch

ASW-A701S-B 300A 4 Position Battery Selector Switch Details

  • Rugged & Durable

The battery switch is made of a high-quality ABS plastic shell with tinned brass bolts for high conductivity and durability. The dual battery selector switch is compact and lightweight, easy to operate, convenient, and practical.

  • 4 Position

The battery selector switch has 4 positions. OFF, 1, 2, and BOTH. The dual battery selector switch allows you to switch the battery pack without interrupting the power supply, or you can use it while charging, which is practical and convenient.

  • Easy Operation

Eliminates any power draw from the battery and safely disconnects the battery when the vehicle or boat is not in use. Provides a simple and economical method of battery separation for your added convenience.

  • Widely Application

The battery disconnect switch can be widely used in boats, RVs, trailers, cars, trucks, etc. It is specially and precisely manufactured, please check if it is suitable for your vehicle before placing your order.

ASW-A701S-B Datasheet

Material ABS shell+tinned brass bolts
Amp Draw 175A
Max Amp Draw 300A
Rated Voltage 6/12/24/32V DC
Operation 1-2-Both-OFF
Terminal Stud 3 × M5 (3/16″)
Size 134 x 134 x 77 mm

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