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1590C Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Box

1590C Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Box

4.72″X3.7″X2.1″(120*94.5*50mm) Size

For DIY Guitar Effect Pedals.

1590C Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Box

It’s with 4.72″X3.7″X2.1″(120*94.5*50mm) Size,

very popular for DIY Guitar Effect Pedals.

1590C Diecast Aluminum Enclosure Box Details:

Material: Aluminum Alloy Diecast, or CNC Solid.

Unpainted 1590C Aluminum Box is Vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges.

Colorful 1590C Aluminum Box is Powder coated, Spray painted, or Anodized.

Custom CNC Machining, Painting, Silkscreening Provided, Ready to Use When You Receive Them!

Standard versions are designed to meet IP54.

Packing: Box and Lid are Shrink-wrapped, and Comes with 304 Stainless Steel Screws.

Guitar Effect Pedal Parts is a very important industry for our company.

We provide as many Pedal parts as possible for the global Guitar effect manufacturer and DIY customers, including Aluminum Enclosure, Knob, Footswitch, LED Bezel, Jack, Potentiometer, 9V Battery Snap/Holder, etc…

We love this industry and everyone who likes musical instruments deserves respect.

Therefore, we accept the customer’s customized requirements as much as possible, hoping to provide more convenient and more useful products for music lovers.

For more beautiful music, let us all work together and make progress together!

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Pls check the datasheet below:

Material: Aluminium Dimension: 120×94.5x50mm
Color: Black, white, red etc. Drilling Hole: Available
Silk Screeen: Available Weight: 0.266kg/pcs