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Circuit Breaker

ST-001S-101 15 amp circuit breaker:

This Daier range offers a compact thermal circuit breaker in a rocker switch design, with or without illumination. The rocker switch offers a compact thermal circuit breaker in a rocker switch design.
By incorporating the thermal circuit breaker into your system you can provide overload protection and On/Off switching using just a single component. This provides significant cost savings over using a separate rocker switch and circuit breaker combination.

Combined rocker switch and circuit breakers, which trips to off status under overload condition.
High visibility red marking on actuator indicates when breaker is tripped / awaiting reset.

The ST-001S-101 15 amp circuit breaker related product, pls check the detailed information as below:

ST-001S-101: Short terminal 2pin without light
ST-001L-101: Long terminal 2pin without light

Pls check the datasheet below:


Rating Current: min. 5A, max. 20A Working Voltage: min. 12V, max. 250V (Double usage of DC and AC)
Insulated Resistance: ≥100MΩ Dielectric Strength: ≥1500VAC (1mini)
Electrical Life: ≥10,000 times OEM or ODM: Available